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The Q-Collar is a non-invasive device intended to be worn around the neck of athletes aged 13 years and older during sports activities to aid in the protection of the brain from effects associated with repetitive sub-concussive head impacts.


What's in the Box

Step 1: Measure Your Neck

An accurate measurement is very important to selecting the right size Q-Collar. Referencing your shirt size and guessing are not recommended.

Use a soft measuring tape to measure the middle of the neck. Pull the tape snug so there is zero slack between the tape and neck. Measure three times and take the smallest measurement.

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Measuring Athlete's Neck for Q-Collar Device Fit
Neck Measurement
Q-Collar Size
27 1/2 - 30
10 3/4 - 11 3/4
30 1/4 - 32 1/2
12 - 12 3/4
32 3/4 - 35
13 - 13 3/4
35 1/4 - 37 1/2
14 - 14 3/4
37 3/4 - 40
15 - 15 3/4
40 1/4 - 42 1/2
16 - 16 3/4
42 3/4 - 45
17 - 17 3/4
45 1/4 - 47 1/2
18 - 18 3/4

Step 2: Find Your Fit

Input your measurement from step 1, then find your Q-Collar size on the chart. If you are between sizes, choose the smaller size.

Measurement Type

Neck Measurement

Step 3: Place Your Order

$199.00 + Free Shipping

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Product Details

When used as intended, and without alterations, your Q-Collar is warrantied against defects in manufacturing and workmanship for 90-days from your date of purchase. Proof of purchase is required.

Returns and Exchanges
If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, you will receive a full refund upon receipt of your returned order, as long as the product is not damaged or misshapen and is returned in its original packaging and with accessories within 30 days. Return shipping and handling are included. Please contact to initiate your return.

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Hear From Our

Meghan Klingenberg NWSL Defender

“I think the Q-Collar is a game-changer for youth sports.

I know from the research that it’s the repeated hits that are the problem. So if I can use the Q-Collar to help protect me from those hits, I’m going to wear it every day, every game, every practice.”

Q-Collar Sports Safety Device Fits Easily in Athletes' Gym Bags

Kasia M. Football Mom

"My children wear the Q-Collar at every opportunity.

To have the ability to somehow help protect the brain, as a Mom, I'm all in."