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Vernon Davis Retired NFL Tight End

“I’m thankful I had the chance to wear the Q-Collar and only wish I had technology like this when I was younger. It’s an added layer of protection for athletes in every practice and every game.”

Meghan Klingenberg NWSL Defender

“I think the Q-Collar is a game-changer for youth sports.

I know from the research that it’s the repeated hits that are the problem. So if I can use the Q-Collar to help protect me from those hits, I’m going to wear it every day, every game, every practice.”

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Jesse Bernhardt Premier Lacrosse League Player & College Coach

"The Q-Collar was really easy to adapt to and now just feels routine.

I'm always looking for new technology to support my playing career, and the Q-Collar is a key added layer of protection to help keep me in the game."

Emily Menges NWSL Defender

"The Q-Collar is an exciting new technology

that helps address the growing concern over the effects of those repeated head injuries in our sport."

Youth Hockey Athlete Tory Pitner

Tory Pitner Minor Hockey

"It's just like another piece of equipment. For that kind of safety, it's totally worth it."

Youth Football Athlete Caron Sombach

Caron Sombach High School Football

"Putting on the Q-Collar is really easy.

There's nothing you need to buckle up or anything, it takes like 2 seconds. It feels like you have a dress shirt around your neck but once you start wearing it you don't even notice it and it's like it's not even there anymore."

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Youth Soccer Athlete Molly Scheerer

Molly Scheerer High School Soccer

"These collars can impact us...

because I do think maybe more people will try out for sports, because they won't be worried about being hit."

Youth Football Athlete CJ Vincent

CJ Vincent High School Football

"The first time I tried the Q-Collar was in a practice,

and it felt kind of awkward. But after the first practice, and the second practice, and the third practice, it becomes like a part of you. It's awesome."

"The Q-Collar is the first solution I've seen that is backed by credible science and research."

Marty Lauzon Former NFL Athletic Trainer

"The first solution I've seen that is backed by credible science and research.

It's clear that this product provides an added layer protection for athletes exposed to repetitive head impacts."

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Dr. Wayne Olan Director of Neurosurgery, The George Washington University Medical Center

"After review of the research and clinical data, I was sold.

The Q-Collar is a simple and effective solution to help protect what's most important - the brain."

Lisa Rauch Football Mom

"It gives me peace of mind that I'm doing everything I can as a Mom."

Kasia Magnien Football Mom

"My children wear the Q-Collar at every opportunity

to have the ability to somehow protect the brain, as a Mom, I'm all in."

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Matt Sheridan Minor Football Coach

"This is a revolutionary product...

that very easily and economically can have a profound and meaningful impact on the long-term health and ability of youth who play sports."

Ken Kennedy Football Dad

"It seems like a very simple solution to a complex problem.

I was skeptical at first with the Q-Collar, but our family has become a believer and it's certainly something we are going to incorporate into our child's equipment for sports going forward."

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