Q-Collar Equipment to Improve Lacrosse Player Safety in Head Impacts

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The Q-Collar is the first and only FDA-cleared sports equipment that helps protect athletes' brains during head impacts.
Q-Collar Sports Safety Device
Female Soccer Player Wearing Q-Collar Sports Equipment

The Future of Sports is Here

The Q-Collar is a breakthrough solution that helps protect the brain from repetitive head impacts.

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Q-Collar Sports Safety Equipment Adds Extra Layer of Protection

An Added Layer of Protection

Helmets help protect the head from the outside. But the Q-Collar is different - it helps protect the brain from the inside.

Q-Collar Equipment to Improve Lacrosse Player Safety with Repetitive Subconcussive Head Impacts

It's Not Just the Big Hits

Small, repetitive head impacts can result in structural changes to an athlete's brain. The Q-Collar helps protect the brain from effects of repetitive sub-concussive impacts, no matter the sport.

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With the included fit check tool, you’ll get the right fit right out of the box. Plus, the included carrying case protects your Q-Collar when it’s not protecting you – all for $199 with free shipping.

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Real Athletes Across Sports Use Q-Collar for Sports Brain Safety

Play Smart. Play Safe.®

Hear from coaches, parents, elite athletes and programs across North America about the Q-Collar’s game-changing brain protection.

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Backed by Years of Research

With more than 25 laboratory and clinical studies, the Q-Collar is shown to protect the brain from effects of Repetitive Head Impacts — helping a new generation of athletes play smarter and safer.

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Q-Collar Sports Safety Device Fits Easily in Athletes' Gym Bags

The Q-Collar is a Q30 innovation.

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